Document your Foxx apps

The generated API documentation in ArangoDB 2.6 has been updated to Swagger 2. To see the API documentation for any of your Foxx apps, open the web admin frontend and select your app from the Applications tab. For information on how to describe your own APIs in the generated documentation, see the ArangoDB documentation.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to being shown in the web admin frontend, ArangoDB 2.6 allows you to mount your app’s documentation inside the app itself. Using the new controller method apiDocumentation you can define a mount point for the app’s own documentation and apply the same access controls you already use for other routes. Depending on your needs, you can even mount the documentation of other apps in your own Foxx app, use different assets or even your own Swagger API description files. In fact, the new API documentation viewer of the web admin frontend itself is using it.


Alan Plum, Geschäftsführer Foss & Haas – Software-Architektur & Entwicklung
Alan Plum, Geschäftsführer Foss & Haas – Software-Architektur & Entwicklung


For more information on the apiDocumentation method, see the latest development documentation. If you want to give the feature a try yourself, check out the ArangoDB 2.6 preview release or compile the latest development version from the GitHub repository.

This article originally appeared on the ArangoDB blog on May 26, 2015.