Reusable Foxx Apps

Resuable Foxx Apps with Configurations

While the optional configuration field in Foxx manifests had
experimental support all the way back to ArangoDB 2.1, the feature was
previously undocumented and not well understood. The upcoming ArangoDB
2.6 release officially introduces Foxx configurations, allowing you to
make your existing Foxx apps more re-usable and to make better use of
third-party apps.

Let’s say your Foxx app needs an API key to make a request to a
third-party service using the request module introduced in ArangoDB
2.5. Without using configurations, your code might contain the
hard-coded API key:

var request = require('org/arangodb/request');
var API_KEY = '4172616e67-6f44422072-6f636b7321';
// ...'/bananas', function (req, res) {
  var response ='', {
    headers: {'x-api-key': API_KEY},
    json: req.json()
  // ...

This is obviously bad style. If the API key changes we need to update
the source code and if we want to re-use the same app with a different
API key we have to fork our code base. We also likely end up with
credentials in our source control repository, which is a security nightmare.

Luckily we can now adjust our manifest to change that. Just at the
following to the app’s manifest.json

  // ...
  "configuration": {
    "apiKey": {
      "description": " FruitBar API Key",
      "type": "string"

…and the configuration value becomes available in our Foxx app as a
property of the applicationContext:

var API_KEY = applicationContext.configuration.apiKey;

Note that if you mount a Foxx app for the first time and the app has
configuration fields that do not provide default values, you have to
configure the app before it becomes active. You can adjust the
configuration of your Foxx apps using the foxx-manager CLI from the
shell, the web admin frontend in your browser or using the REST API.

Alan Plum, Geschäftsführer Foss & Haas – Software-Architektur & Entwicklung
Alan Plum, Geschäftsführer Foss & Haas – Software-Architektur & Entwicklun


If you want to give configurable Foxx apps a try, many of the apps in the Foxx app store already support configuration and can be used in ArangoDB 2.5. If you want to get the full experience, compile the development version of ArangoDB from Github.

This article originally appeared on the ArangoDB blog on May 12, 2015.