Fynx – architecture library for React

Fynx is an architecture library for React loosely based on the Flux architecture and inspired by Reflux and Fluxxor.


Actions are listenable functions that emit whatever data is passed to them. They provide the core building block of all interactions between View Components or Services and the Stores.

Stores are listenable functions that contain the application state and emit their contents whenever they are written to. In Fynx, those contents are generally immutable, so modifying them requires updating the store that contains them.

View Components are components that listen to Stores and/or invoke Actions. According to the philosophy of React these should usually be the outer most components in an application. They pass the (immutable) data from Stores as props to the underlying Pure Components, the regular self-contained React components. They may also invoke Actions as the result of user interaction with the components.

Services listen to Actions and connect them with each other. They are the only part of the application that communicates directly with the Server API. In practice, a service may simply be a function that is registered with an action as a listener and invokes a different action.

The Server API is the code that directly communicates with the remote server or persistence layer of the application. Its implementation should be entirely orthogonal to the rest of the application. For example, a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest that takes arguments and a callback or returns a promise.